Big Data in the Atmospheric Sciences (BINARY)

funded by the Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung (May 2020 - April 2025)

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Multiscale Dynamics of Gravity Waves (MS-GWaves)

DFG Research Group, second phase (2018-2021)

Subproject: Gravity-waves impact on ice clouds in the tropopause region (GW-ICE)



TransRegio Waves to Weather (W2W)

first/second phase (2015-2019/2019-2023)

Subproject A2: Impact of structured heat sources on larger scales in atmospheric dynamics
Subproject B7: Identification of robust cloud and precipitation states via inverse method



Former projects
  • DFG Research project (2012-2015): Spatially Inhomogeneous Cirrus: Influence on Atmospheric Radiation
  • Multiscale Dynamics of Gravity Waves (MS-GWaves), DFG Research Group, first phase (2014-2017)
    Subproject: Modification of gravity waves propagating across the tropopause (GW-TP)
  • High definition clouds and precipitation for advancing climate prediction (HD(CP)2), BMBF Initiative
    First phase (2012-2015)

    1. Subproject M6: Consistent treatment of diffusional growth of water droplets and ice crystals for simulating clouds containing ice particles
    2. Subproject S4: Ice processes in clouds - investigations using multiscale asymptotics

    Second phase (2016-2019)

    1. Subproject S1/TP1: Fast Cloud Adjustment to Aerosols (Revising the cloud scheme)
    2. Subproject S3/TP2: Anvil Cirrus and Stratiform Convective Outflow (Impact of embedded convection on warm conveyor belt outflow)